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  • Introduction

    Lupus Art Net is a company founded in 2006 in Zagreb, specialising in web design, web development and web marketing. We build websites to your requirements and specifications. The process of creating a website requires continuous contact with our clients, the exchanging of ideas and suggestions in order to get ultimately the most acceptable solution.

    Most of our customers contact us through referrals. Our relationship with clients gravitates towards long-term partnerships based on trust, mutual respect and business ethics.

    Our ambition is to meet requirements and exceed expectations. We look forward to being part of your success.

    We approach each new project with particular attention, from planning to completion. We adapt the design process to the specific needs and goals of each client. For large, design-intensive engagements, our development process usually involves the following steps:

    • Planning / research / consultation
    • Design
    • Coding / Programming
    • Quality assurance / testing
    • Launching the website
  • Planning / research / consultation

    The basis of a successful website begins with detailed planning, research and consultation, which aims to create an optimal and functional web architecture. Utilising input received from the client, we create an intuitive navigation structure and highly efficient design interface, customised for the target audience. At the end of the project development process, not only will you have a good product, but also a comprehensive plan that you will be able to use as the basis for future product development.

  • Web design

    The aesthetic elements of a website are what gives personality to a website and creates first impressions (and most importantly) that affect users. Aesthetics also play an important role in usability. Appealing websites are perceived as being more important and useful even when they are not. After presenting the proposed design and receiving approval from the client, we commence with coding the website.

  • Coding / programming

    Coding is done professionally in compliance with W3C standards. Besides the coding, we also handle the SEO part (search engine optimisation). The static parts of your website are created using HTML tags and CSS styles in order to separate design from content and increase page loading speed. CSS offers the ability to structure logically data on the site and increases code legibility. Programming dynamic content incorporates a combination of the PHP and the MySQL database. Tools such as jQuery and JS are used to increase the website’s appeal.

  • Quality assurance / testing

    Initially, the website is configured on an operational test domain for testing website functionality and rectifying any errors before the final rollout. The test domain provides insight into all phases of the website development. This step includes testing the website on different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and others.), on both the Mac and PC platforms, and subject to various sizes and screen resolutions.

  • Launching the site

    After implementing quality control, the website is uploaded to a real domain on a hosting server.

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