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Variant A

Join our affiliate program and earn extra money. The affiliate program is based on the principle of recommendations, i.e. it relies on your ability to sell and our ability to building a successful website.

For each new customer that you have referred to us, we will pay a 20% commission on net agreed price for projects valued at up to € 2500. The payment is made to either your giro or current account.

Manner of payment
Projects are contracted with potential customers, and payments are carried out in three instalments:
1. The first advance payment of 20%
2. 30% of the amount is paid upon reaching agreement and acceptance of the design
3. The remaining 50% of the amount is paid eight days after the invoice date, upon completion of work.
After the customer pays the first advance instalment of 20%, we pledge to pay you a 20% commission on the net agreed price. In addition, we will allow you to peruse the contract signed with the new customer, which will indicate the agreed price.

For projects worth over € 2500 + VAT, we pay a 15% commission.
For more information, send us an e-mail to [email protected].

Variant B

You as our Seller of our services may determine an end price for the building of websites. This is possible after we offer you a minimum price for a given project. In that case the commission would not be predefined. For each website we shall need an outlined specification from you.

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Over the past 15 years we have forged strong business relationships with our partners, based on mutual trust. Here is how we cooperate with our clients, business partners and new employees.

Website development process

Website development process

The process of creating a website requires continuous contact with our clients, the exchanging of ideas and suggestions in order to get ultimately the most acceptable solution.
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Partnership and cooperation

Partnership and cooperation

Need a web partner who can provide you and your customers with quality service and professional solutions? You’re at the right place. Business partners are of special importance to us, which is why we have developed a...
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We are recognise that a company’s success is based on its employees’ knowledge and talent. Only through the maximum effort and experience of its employees can a company achieve success as a whole.
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We work closely with clients in an endeavour that every website meet their individual goals and requirements, and also strive to present the client’s unique personality and style through a web presence.
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