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What we do

Responsive web design

  • Responsive web design and SEO

    The new algorithm for mobile search determines how websites are ranked in search results, and recommends only those websites that are adapted to screen sizes. This is one of the most important changes that Google has ever incorporated into the search statistics.
    Google has changed the way its search engine recommends websites on smartphones and this subsequently totally transforms the way websites are visited. Websites that are not adapted to smart phone screens are remove from first positions in search results, with the main consequence being less earnings for the company. As opposed to them – all those whose websites are mobile friendly will profit to some extent.
    Therefore, the problems for numerous companies that have not adapted their website to smart phones have begun.
    Source: Dnevnik.hr

  • The importance of a responsive web design

    Without a doubt, the future of the internet resides on mobile platforms, whether it’s the iPhone, Blackberry, Android device or tablet. The appearance of the smartphone means that the Internet has become increasingly attractive to the wider public. This smartphone mini revolution cannot ignore the changes in the habits of Internet users.
    In today’s modern society, your brand should be visible on all devices owned by users so that they can have the sought information. Today, these devices are increasingly becoming mobile devices. Consequently, websites have to be optimised for mobile phones and this trend is rapidly growing.
    If you already have a website, try to view on a mobile phone, and you’ll notice that it won’t show up in the same way as on a desktop computer. This is another reason why it’s important to create a mobile web location for your company.
    We are able to optimise your website for all available screen sizes and devices which will allow users to purchase and view content on any mobile platform via user friendly navigation.

  • The features of our responsive web design

    • Based on the Bootstrap framework, HTML5/CSS3 and PHP
    • Compatible with all main mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Nokia / Symbian, Windows Mobile, Bada, Meego
    • Takes up a small amount of memory (12k compressed for all mobile functions) and minimally affects the download speeds when presenting photographs
    • HTML5 markup driven configuration of websites where coding requirements are simplified
    • Access to features such as WAI-ARIA is also included in order to ensure that the pages work properly on screen readers (e.g. VoiceOver in iOS)
    • Controls are touch optimised

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