What we do
What we do

Web development

  • MVC architecture

    The development of web applications has always been the focus of our interest. We’re experienced in developing advanced web applications incorporating complex business logic that processes large quantities of data and transactions. Our programming incorporates a combination of the CakePHP framework and MySQL databases. The MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) assists in breaking up program code into logical units, and makes program code easier to read and it makes building web applications quicker.

  • The features of CakePHP

    CakePHP has a few features that make it a good choice in developing web applications:

    • A new ORM (a completely redesigned Model layer) – divided into two primary types of objects: table objects – enable functionality such as the storing, deleting, editing or all records in databases, the creation of relations between objects and the like.
    • Entities – are the unique records in a database and enables us to create functionality only for that specific record.
    • MVC conventions – program code allocated in the best possible way, planning the application and programme code structure is defined in advance and enables the simple adding of new modules and altering of existing code
    • Application security – CakePHP comes with numerous incorporated tools (validation of user entered data, CSRF and SQL injection protection, XSS prevention…) which provides a high level of application security
    • General features such as: translation module, quick and flexible routing system, simple access to databases, caching, improved internationalisation system, improved system for removing errors (debugging toolbar), composer (simplified installation of the framework), code generation, scaffolding greatly quickens the building of each application
    • Minimal configuration – no complicated XML and YAML files, all you need to do is enter the data into the .php file on linking it to the database and we’re ready to start
    • Sections – develop sections for Ajax, JavaScript, HTML forms, etc.
    • Data validation – offers powerful and flexible ability to verify validity of data
    • Speed – CakePHP reduces the cost of building websites and applications are built much quicker
    • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is part of LupusCMS
    • MIT licence – allows use of the framework for commercial applications
  • Schematic presentation of the CakePHP

  • When programming we utilise the following web technologies

    • PHP (CakePHP) and MySQL web development
    • HTML / XHTML / CSS
    • Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap
    • AJAX

    The guarantee for the provided solution is 3 years. In that period, we are obligated to rectify all errors that appear in the operation of the system, and which were not caused by inappropriate use by users or server errors.

Our services

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Showcase clients

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  • Chamber Group
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  • Teximp Retro d.o.o.
  • SOIH

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