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  • E-commerce web development

    E-commerce web development

    You have decided to utilise all the possibilities of modern technologies for the purpose of significantly aiding your business, thus acquiring an advantage over fierce competition. That means that owning a web store is definitely what your business needs.
    The most important features of our web store are given below:

  • Dynamic search engine optimisation

    Our solutions are properly optimised for search engines (dynamic optimisation), making your web store and all of its products readily available in internet searches.

  • Upgradeable

    All web stores have certain common features, and if necessary, we can carry out upgrades, thus creating a personalised application that will suit solely your needs. We will help you adapt the web store site to your specific needs and devise a strategy to improve your business and profitability. Doing business successfully using a web store can significantly simplify the way your business operates in general.

  • The POS cash register is integrated into the application

    The fiscal process is fully automated. The POS cash register is integrated into the application and the user has no need to worry about the technical details nor spend valuable time on such matters. The web store handles that in a quick and efficient way by connecting directly to the Tax Administration, and each invoice instantly becomes a fiscal invoice which is validated according to the Fiscalisation Act.

  • Responsive web design

    As for the visual part, web stores are optimised for all current browsers, and can be responsive and adaptive to devices of all sizes, thus providing an excellent user experience. We approach each solution with particular attention, making it user friendly. The main features of our solutions are that they are modern, simple and accessible.

  • Multilanguage

    Each web store can be multilingual, enabling the application to become even more accessible to the wider Internet public regardless from where it is accessed.

  • Our web store also features

    • Dynamic shopping cart, ability to add, edit and remove any item
    • Ability to charge each item
    • Ability to discount each item
    • Ability to add rebates for certain registered users
    • Ability to add, change, and remove product categories and subcategories
    • Generate sales reports
    • and the like.
  • Online credit card payment systems (payment gateways)

    Selling your products on a web store is supported through the use of credit cards, and based on your choice of card. Some of the credit cards are:

    • American Express
    • Diners
    • MasterCard
    • Visa

    Sales paid for by credit cards enable you to receive payments from customers for your products throughout the world.

    Should you choose, as we recommend, to allow payments using credit cards, we will link your web store to online credit card authorisation systems, such as : Corvuspay, Webteh, RBA e-ToMiTreba or T-Com PayWay. You will be able to receive payments via the PayPal service, which is fully available to users from Croatia.

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Other packets

Web packages are great for anyone who wants a simple, smart and fast web presence with very short loading times and without large costs! Whatever your budget or needs, we have a suitable website package for you. If the packages are not what you are after, please contact us, because all the packages can be upgraded or customised to your specific requirements. All packages come with the option of paying in (3) instalments.

  • Web start

    Web start

    Basic presentational websites

    The Web Start package is a complete solution for smaller companies with a fixed range of products or services that does not require frequent content updating.
  • Web medium

    Web medium

    CMS sites for companies

    The Web Medium package is customised for companies that have website content generated depending on user requirements, currently available data on the webserver or ...
  • Web advanced

    Web advanced

    Advanced web applications

    The Web Advanced package includes advanced web applications, i.e. requirement-specific applications. Given that the composition of the Advanced package is undefined and depends...
  • Web room

    Web room

    Website for apartments and hotels

    The Web Room package is for apartment landlords and hotel owners. The package includes the CMS administration interface for autonomous editing of content.
  • Web realty

    Web realty

    Websites for selling property

    The Web Realty package is for businesses that sell apartments in new multi-residential buildings on the Internet. The Web Realty package includes the CMS web administration...
  • Web tourist

    Web tourist

    Websites for travel agencies

    The Web Tourist package has been designed for travel agencies, and has been customised for presenting and selling tourism products and services. This travel agency solution...
  • Web food

    Web food

    The app for ordering food online

    The Web Food Package is designed for restaurants and pizza restaurants, making it easy for the users to order food online in an easy and intuitive way.

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