Websites for travel agencies

Web tourist

Online booking systems for travel agencies

The Web Tourist package has been designed for travel agencies, and has been customised for presenting and selling tourism products and services. This travel agency solution will significantly facilitate and improve travel agency businesses over the Internet with minimal operating costs.

The Web Tourist package includes the CMS administration interface for autonomous editing of content.
The Web Tourist package includes:

  • Graphical design of the website
  • Multilingual content (unlimited number of languages)
  • Last/first minute presentation
  • Advanced search feature
  • Search filtering
  • Description of rooms which includes
    • Description, distance, important information, furnishings in rooms
    • Photo gallery
    • Accommodation reservation calendar
    • Price lists dependent on period and number of guests
    • Google Maps
  • Guest login
    • Overview of registered reservations
    • User page (editing of personal details)
    • Communicating with the system administrator
  • Landlord login
    • Ability to edit information on accommodation availability for particular rooms
  • Fully automated reservation reply system
  • Entry of accommodation prices depending on time periods
  • Voucher system
  • Ability to make payments using credit cards
  • SEO optimisation (customising for search engines)
  • Registering onto most of the web directories and search engines
  • Registering for Google Analytics (statistics on website visits)
  • and the like
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CMS sites for companies

CMS sites for companies

The Web Medium package is customised for companies that have website content generated depending on user requirements, currently available data on the webserver or some other factor.
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E-commerce web development

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Website for apartments and hotels

Website for apartments and hotels

The Web Room package is for apartment landlords and hotel owners. The package includes the CMS administration interface for autonomous editing of content.
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Websites for selling property

Websites for selling property

The Web Realty package is for businesses that sell apartments in new multi-residential buildings on the Internet. The Web Realty package includes the CMS web administration interface for autonomous editing of content.
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The app for ordering food online

The app for ordering food online

The Web Food Package is designed for restaurants and pizza restaurants, making it easy for the users to order food online in an easy and intuitive way.
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